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The Bookmark Project
November 2008
Toronto, Canada
Now in its seventh year, The Bookmark Project is organized by the Koffler Gallery to coincide with the annual Jewish Book Fair. Artist-designed bookmarks selected from an open call will be on display at the Koffler and inserted clandestinely into books at the Fair. This year’s theme, Insert, explores the interplay between the reader and the bookmark in the act of reading. Buy a book and you just might get a one-of-a-kind work of art to boot!

Crevice Bookmark

I Will Wait Bookmark

This bookmark by Julie Caves was chosen for the Bookmark Project. The original was laser printed, the Koffler Gallery also had them printed in bulk.

This bookmark is about the intimate relationship of the reader to both the book and the bookmark. The bookmark not only holds the place of the person who has left but also continues their emotional connection, preserving their intimate relationship with the book. The emotion of the reader, transferred to the bookmark through the text is communicated to the book in the reader’s absence allowing the conversation and relationship to continue seamlessly once the reader has returned.
The bookmark requires the reader to activate it to give it a purpose. The reader requires the bookmark to act as a conduit back into the book. This creates a two-way relationship between the bookmark and the reader. The text of the bookmark reflects the reader’s intention to return to the relationship and therefore tangibly signals a temporary exit.


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