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I am happy to call Gareth Brookes a friend.

He is lovely and I also think his work is grand.  He is a printmaker who makes comics and books.  Go look.

“It makes a summer day complete to hear their pointy beaks go tweet.” Gareth Brookes


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A lovely post on Amy Wilson’s website  Working about her new book.

She shares some insight into the process that is interesting as well.  Thanks Amy!

Amy Wilsons book.

Amy Wilson's book.

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This group of books on Abe Books site is really nice.

I wish I could handle them all!

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I love this website! To Illustrate and Multiply: An Open Book

It is so thorough and has videos of books being flipped through to show sequence.  Awesome!  (The videos didn’t work for me on a Mac using Firefox but did using Safari.)

And good essays.  There is so much to still look at, I will be there often.

I was lucky enough to have some books on sale at the Art Catalogues shop, in support of the exhibit.

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The fantastic new art site Art Babble has loads of videos I can’t wait to watch.  I have started this series and it is great- 5 artists go to the New York Public Library and get inspiration to make books!

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